12 August 2010

More From The Project Desk

Thought that we'd take another look at the artillery and crew that we were painting in the last post.

Seen to the left just prior to them receiving their last wash before being sprayed with a finishing coat to protect them. 

Once again seen to the left on the incline.

I am happy with them though not having painted since last winter has certainly taken its toll of my ability to produce a good paint job.  A bit like my old school report which read .."a bit more effort required, can do better".

Whilst waiting for the artillery crew to dry, I once more rummaged through my Troop reinforcement box (aka fishing tackle box). There sitting most forlornly were some Armoured currasiers which I had purchased in my previous shipment from Perry Minatures.

I had intended to paint them up as a couple of units of early war lobsters. But for some reason concentrated on the regular cavalry for each side.  Shown to the right is a trooper, Officer and standard bearer.

The currasiers should be finished quickly, though can't say the same for their mounts.

Neil W

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