19 February 2011

I'm Back

As the famous English radio broadcaster said after the War "Now As I was saying before being rudely interupted", in my case not by war but a 2 month world trip and then the restarting of my business on our return.
I decided to restart this my wargaming blog now that things have settled down somewhat. My appologies to all my readers, hopefully it won't happen again....untill next time!

Looking back on the older posts it was interesting to see just at what stage I had left things. So the first thing was to bring everything up to date. Surprisingly I haven't been totaly idle and indolent with regards to my hobby, just to the blog.
Painting wise I have completed some more units for the armies and have even fought an early Civil War ficticious battle with my good friend Alex King, a Pailiament man., which resulted in a winning draw for the King after a very hard fought fun game of about 2 hours duration.

As of the last post I had left with my Lobsters  and Artillery unfinished and as such they were the first to be completed on my return. Left is one of the finished guns and crew. Finished 4 in total and my artillery now numbers 6 pieces. Notice that  I mount my crew directly to the base with the gun. When time permits I will build and paint single guns on bases to represent abandoned or over run guns as in this era the crew often did not stay and defend their piece. In fact the crew were so valuable that when  captured they simply changed sides and continued as if nothing had changed!
The Lobsters were a bit more complicated as I had changed my thoughts regarding them while I was away. Initialy I was intending to model two units of Haselrigs lobsters, which friends said was probably more than was ever fielded in real life. So I decided to take a liberty and model 1 unit as the King's Life Guard, a real life unit which to the best of my knowledge didn't wear the suits of armour that Haselrigs unit did. Also I can use the unit as a scottish Currasier unit which they fielded in the Bishops wars of 1639. 
Some more pictures of the completed pieces and Horse.

That brings the blogg up to date with the projects on the paint desk at the time of my trip. Since then.... well thats another story best left for another time.



Neil W

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