7 August 2010

On The Project Bench 2.

Once more we head to the project bench and see whats been happening over the few weeks since the last post. Having discussed the need and desire to start painting the new Scottish Horse and Dragoons in the last post I have in fact started painting some artillery which had been sitting in the queue for some time.

Artillery crew.
It had become apparent to me that there was a need for some more guns in our games other than the two light guns that at present make up our artillery train. The other motivating factor was that really they should be quicker to paint and finish than would the Scottish Horse and Dragoons. As the date for our departure to Europe and our Holiday Trip is fast approaching I didn't feel like leaving a job half finished.

There are four guns in total, each being rated 9 pounders. Each has a crew of four some of which is pictured at right. My method of mounting the troops on short pieces of  Dowel using blue tack is also illustrated here. I don't know the effectiveness of this type of mounting with 15mm or smaller troops, but with 28 mm and larger I think its a fine method of handling and painting the troops.

As can be seen I prefer white undercoat rather than the black that many use.  It does take a bit longer to paint and you can spot any areas that you might miss. However I prefer the brighter colours that the white undercoat seems to produce. I use Skull White in the spray can by Citadel and generally find it an effective paint. All paint used is a combination of Citadel and Vallejo paints, although the Vallejo is becoming increasingly hard to get.

When completed I wash all the figures using the set of washes from Citadel. The wash adds that little touch to your troops and really highlights the paint job that you have just completed. A really good idea if you are interested is to buy the bulk pack of washes from Citadel. They can also be purchased individually.

Left is pictured one of the big guns. Painted and awaiting its wash prior to being sprayed in a gloss finish to protect it from the ravishes of both time and being handled. It will belong to the Scottish contingent. I may not have painted the Scottish horse or Dragoons, but I did get their artillery done.

Pictured right is an example of the other three guns I have completed. I have deliberately painted them in an eclectic style so that they can be used on either side of the conflict.

Though largely ineffective against troops and slow firing on the battlefield they certainly look good with the smoke amongst your troops and they come into their own against walls, buildings and other defences. They'll make a wonderful addition to either the Royalists or Parliaments artillery train.

Neil W

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  1. your doing a great job, i painted some of these gunners up for a guy earlier in the year real nice figures