18 June 2010

The First Step .....

As Confusious said "A long trip starts with but the first step".

So folks here goes.
I Guess a little about myself first.
I am an avid war gamer who follows the ECW period and who, for the most part, is a supporter of the King. I hope to show my motley collection of troops and some encounters that have occured from time to time.
I mostly these days model in 28mm which is a lot easier on my poor old eyes, though I do have ECW, Ancient Greeks, Dark Ages Byzantines and ACW in 15mm.

Predominantly all ECW figures seen here will be metal figures from the Perry Brothers (no relation) ECW range.
Hope that you all enjoy my blog .

Neil W


  1. and here's me thinking "arightgentlemen" was what you always say when you make announcements at the start of every conversation! :)

    love to see pics of your troops and of your impending trip as it goes too!

  2. Thanks Bob and welcome to the blog.

    I'll be running a seperate blog for the trip and let all know when I've set it up.

    I think that the comment was used in Zulu by the engineer and a Sargeant when Bromhead rode past after hunting and it was said "thats our Officer ...and a right gentleman".